How to start an ecommerce website Quickly?

Now a days, eCommerce websites become an essential for all business, shop, Freelancer, Company to make money online.  Creating an eCommerce website is not a rocket science now a days. There are many tools and ways to create an ecommerce website.

Top 4 ways to create an ecommerce website

1. Creating using WordPress Woocommerce:

This is one of the easy way to do it as there are 100s of free readymade theme that can be used to create your e-commerce in just few minutes. However it required Basic WordPress Skills to create and Maintain it. If you want to learn Basic WordPress for Free, You can contact us by dropping an email to [email protected]. We can support on this.

Shopify might be one of the best-known brands in the ecommerce world, but not everyone knows what this tool is, or how it works. In simple terms, Shopify is a software that you pay for using the SaaS model – in other words, you subscribe for the service. Usually, if you pay for a year’s worth of support at once, you’ll benefit from a slightly reduced cost.

With Shopify, ecommerce business owners and merchants can create a website and use an in-built shopping cart solution to sell both digital and physical products to customers around the world.

3. Creating by hiring a Web Agent:

Now a days there are 1000s of web agent who build website or E-commerce for other company. They also provide Web Hosting, Website designing and development. Benefits of hiring is that they will do all work for you. You can focus on Business and sales and Technical will be handle by them. Kikutech is also one of the known company which provide similar services. However, this might be little expensive for start up company like you. If you fund to start Business with and grow quickly this is the one of the best options.

4. Creating by hiring a Freelancer:

Freelance are group of individuals or Individual who work based on your requirement. They also can create your E-commerce website for you. They charge little lower Price than Web Agent. they might charge from Rs 5000 to Rs 15,000 for E-commerce. Benefits for doing with them is they provide cheaper price than Web Agent. However, Some of the freelance are not committed. They might not be available to provide support for your website whenever needed.


Which one is the best option for you?

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